Visual Double Seam Defects - Cause & Remedy

Wooling or sometimes called 'Slivering' is a condition that is more predominant with aluminum beverage applications and is the shaving of material from the cover or can body flange before or during the Double Seam cycle. Fine slivers of material will pile up in the Seaming Chuck area or cover feed rails.

Wooling Wooling
Probable Cause Suggested Remedy
Seaming Chuck worn or improper fit. Replace Seaming Chucks or refit Seaming Chucks to covers
1st Operation Seaming Rolls worn. Replace 1st Operation Seaming Roll
1st Operation Seaming groove profile set too high over Seaming Chuck flange Adjust 1st Operation Seaming Roll groove profile to within .003 of an inch over the Seaming Chuck flange. See Sharp Seam
Cover not completely seated on the Seaming Chuck Check Pin Gauge Height. Check timing between Feed Chain Finger and Seaming Turret. Check Knockout Pad adjustment. See 'Mismatch'
Cover Guide Rails set too tight or have worn sharp edges. Adjust Cover Guide Rails or replace worn Rails.