Double Seam Inspection Tools
Double Seam Inspection Tools - Double Seam Inspection Tools

Double Seam Stripper for Teardown Analysis

This tool accurately and efficiently cuts the Double Seam and then separates the Cover Hook from the Body Hook in one fast, safe, teardown operation that does not damage or distort the Cover Hook. The Automatic Seam Stripper dramatically reduces teardown tome so more frequent inspections can be performed with teardown inspection systems.


Starret Can Seam Micrometer, Short #207

This micrometer is made short to better fit todays beverage containers and other containers where the longer seam micrometer will not fit down onto the seam width properly. Also referred to as an 'Aerosol Micrometer'.


Starret Can Seam Micrometer, Long #208

This micrometer is ideal for sanitary cans with standard or flat ends.


Countersink Gauge

The Countersink Gauge is used to measure the cover countersink depth away from the inside radius.


End Cutter Pliers

These pliers will be used to break down the Double Seam in order to use the micrometers to measure components.


Sanitary Can Opener

This is a special adjustable can opener used to remove the cover panel area only. End Cutters will remove remaining material for measurements.